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Heartland Academy HSS is governed by CLCR Australia/Nepal and Karuna Private Educational Trust. It receives funding from its partners the LBW Trust - Batting for Change, Global Development Group and Rotary International. The school is supported by Macquarie University, Australia and a number of international schools including Chatswood School and Ravenswood Girls School, Australia.


Education and training for social cohesion, human & economic development. Providing opportunities based on non-violent, practical education for all relevant and significant levels of community.

Our Vision

To be a premier college for the provision of quality education, training and research for sustainable national and global development.

Our Motto

Knowledge is Power Creating opportunity through Education

Our Mission

To generate, preserve and share knowledge for effective leadership in higher education, training, research and outreach through nurturing an intellectual culture that integrates theory with practice & innovation.

Heartland Core Features

Special Care on Students:

Heartland Academy is strongly guided by the principle and perspective, childhood is short, let children enjoy being children and enjoy their learning. It is a proven fact that the best way to learn is by following our own curiosity and interests. In HA, we have tried to create a free, self-motivated learning environment where natural curiosity is not smothered, but nurtured. The result: motivated, innovative, lifelong learners as our activities are built around a carefully considered curriculum developed on a global scale. Our school has an emergent curriculum which aims for both breadth and balance and with high aspiration and expectation for all children. A key aspect of the HA educational approach and teaching style is a commitment to allowing children to develop at their own pace. In the context of the carefully considered educational environment, we are confident that children will engage with and develop confidence and competence over a wide range of important skills. It is important for us to be clear that this means that we will not push a child into development of any particular skill if the child is not ready. As part of the HA continuous observation and assessment approach, we will always be aware of the details of each child development, and be in a position to discuss with parents our recommendations.

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"Creating opportunity through Education"

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